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Brooklyn Coffee Shop Chooses Instagram to Say How Much They Hate Jews










But don’t worry, he was really misunderstood! After all, he clarified that he’s not antisemitic, he’s just antizionist.

Dude are you kidding, Jews are like worshiped here. America is Israel’s biggest supporter, hello.

Says the mainstream sentiment isn’t Anti-Jewish..Somehow that makes me anti-semetic…Okay…

Hey asshole talking about how Jews have it so fuckin’ good in America, my nieces are Jewish. And let me tell you what the five-year-old said to me during Christmas season, when every goddamn one of her shows found time for a Christmas special—even shows set in fake worlds that had renamed holidays that just happened to have all of the Christmas traditions—but not a single fucking one found time to have Doc McStuffins’ Jewish friend invite her for the first night of Chanukkah or Gaspard and Lisa learning about playing dreidel or eating challah.

She looked at me almost fucking crying and asked me if Queen Elsa was Jewish. And when I said “hm?” because when I think Frozen I do not tend to automatically think Torah, she immediately, fucking immediately, said “I thought maybe Elsa and Anna are Jewish because Elsa’s candlesticks look like Shabbat ones. But they’re probably not.”

At five years old she’s already internalized her family’s religion and history as “not worth showing in a movie or on television, except in Israel.”

You wanna fucking try again about how good Jews have it? When I have to explain to a fucking kindergartener that Easter isn’t “better” than Purim just because her friends don’t know what hamantasch are, when an entire kindergarten full of kids latches excitedly onto Idina Menzel because Aunt Nina said she’s Jewish and that means Elsa is Jewish oh my gosh, when I literally had to invent representation for her and her classmates that they could find in a store, that is not “having it good.” That is not “awesome.” That is not “but Israel.”

Jewish kids get erased in our culture and being Jewish is seen as a punchline, not an identity. My school taught Number The Stars, about good Christian families saving those poor benighted Jews, but literally refused to teach about the Holocaustand when one of my teachers included commentary on Jesus and ancient Jews in our Roman Empire unit, he got in trouble. Not for teaching us about Jesus—it was probably the most secular unit about Jesus I’ve ever seen, and nobody could complain that it was a blurring of the line between church and state. No, because he taught us that Jesus was a Jew. A few Christian kids told their parents and the parents got very upset.

So shut your fuckin’ mouth, asshole, and try actually living in the real world. Where this coffee shop is doing a terrible fucking thing and Jews do not fucking have it better.

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