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there’s a huge problem in gaming today where people are focusing more on graphics than aethestic, which is really shitty because it leads to all of these awful derivative modern military shooters and games that have no identity. like i don’t really care if you’re able to render the 374th bead of sweat on a grizzled marine’s face, if you don’t have a unique style nobody will remember your game


The worst part? This is partly Tumblr’s fault.

4 Surreal Ways Scary Groups Are Trying to Look Friendly

#2. Neo-Nazis Are Turning Into Hipsters to Appeal to the Youth

Nipsters, short for “Nazi hipsters” and/or “nationalist hipsters” (see: “challenging brochure,” above), are what the leaders of the neo-Nazi party of Germany realized they had to become once their membership numbers were at an all-time low. … [The neo-Nazis] began using Tumblr and Twitter, presumably to share vintage pictures of a nonchalantly candid Hitler drinking coffee at an open mic; they changed their wardrobe from “Walmart” to “H&M”; and they even started a cooking show for Nazi vegans, which is a statement that should be a joke, but absolutely isn’t. They also like to hang out like moody post-adolescents, sporting eco-friendly handbags decorated with trendy minimalist hate speech.

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